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This week with TTR: Mitsutouge, Nokogiri... and Mitaka

This week with TTR: Mitsutouge, Nokogiri... and Mitaka
Last week's run in South Takao

Start Kawaguchiko station - Saturday 13th from 09:30
End Kawaguchiko station - ~15:00
Intermediate run steep climbs - 18 km. +1100m ~5h
RouteContact fb.me/aran4649


Let's enjoy one of the most stunning trails near Tokyo, under the clear blue skies of the new year.

The first half of the route is very steep and more akin to a hike.

After reaching the top, we will then descend back towards the the ropeway, which offers stunning view of both Fuji and tourist crowds (mostly oversees Instagramers in muddy high heels)

Finallly, we will loop back to Kawaguchi station where we started, with the option of stopping at one of the multiple onsens along the way.


  • We don't expect snow, but frozen mud is likely, and trail shoes with llight crampons recommended (see links below)
  • Bring a mask/buff
  • Bring a 0.5L water bottle and lunch. There is a restaurant near the summit, but we will not stop (sunset comes early this season)
  • We will loop back to Kawaguichi station where multiple lockers are available. Should they be full, you can leave your clothes at one of the onsens.

Start:Hamakanaya Station, Sunday 14th from 10:15
Elementary run:Challenging start (10 km)
Contact: fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Nokogiri Yama : Great Trail Running Tourism (And boat journey!)

Nokogiri Yama is one of the most interesting tourist areas near Tokyo. Ocean views, Daibutsu (the largest stone figure of Buddha in Japan), and low mountains for trail running fun.

The course is open to any fit runner who has run a TTR event over 10K. Other runners please ask. The course is not that difficult really by TTR standards, and will likely be about 10K distances but the elevation gain is more than 600m because we will start going up from almost the sea level.

You can come to Hamakanaya station by train, or ferry from Kurihama port, though the boat ride is more interesting! In case of train, there is a train starting at 8:04 am from Tokyo station to Kimitsu (君津) then change trains at Kimitsu to Hamakanaya station. (1,980 yen / one way).


  • You can also take a ferry starting at 9:25 from Kurihama Port and arriving at Kanaya Port at 10:05. (800 yen / one way)
  • Don't forget to bring 700 yen to enter NIHON-JI (temple) and if interested , you can finish your run with a local Onsen and some local sashimi or sushi.
  • Be aware that 2K of the trail at the beginning is very rough and officially ""closed"". This is from typhoon damage a few years ago. It is not really dangerous, but requires a lot of scrambling over dead trees. It's possible to get scratched or cut (which happened to one runner last year). Consider wearing gloves for extra protection

Start Mitaka station - January 14 from 09:30
End Hakonegasaki station - ~13,30
Beginners/intermediate run easy route but long distance (25 km. +200m ~4h)
RouteContact fb.me/aran4649


Let's enjoy an easy long run from the very heart of Tokyo.

After starting in Mitaka station, we will take the charmingly treed pedestian road of the Tamako Jitensha-do, which will take us straight to Tama lake.

After a beautiful run on the dam, we will reach the midway point of Seibukyujo-mae, where beginners can stop if they prefer.

Intermediate runners will continue north of Sayama lake and, after a quick stop at the Totoro foundation "Makkuro-kurosuke" house, will take the fun wide trails going all the way to our destination of Hakonegasaki.


  • We will be on easy ground (paved road and easy trails), grippy running shoes are sufficient
  • This is an all-levels event. No technical skill required beyond being able to jog over 15km+10km with breaks
  • You can stop pretty much any time along the way
  • Bring a mask/buff-Bring a 0.5L water bottle, there convenience stores and vending machines before and around the lake