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This week with TTR: Snow again?

This week with TTR: Snow again?

Hi friends,

And... it's winter again? While it looked like spring was upon us, some of yesterday's snow will probably stay on the mountain peaks this weekend.

While both our routes are at fairly low height, chances are we will enjoy a few fun passages on crunchy white powder, and more than a few snowballs zip by during the runs!

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Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Hadano station - Sunday MARCH 10 from 08:30
End Hon Atsugi station - ~15:30
Intermediate run Long distance, steep climbs - 23 km. +1900m ~7h
Contact m.me/aran4649

Let's enjoy Ooyama through its lesser-known side routes, with pretty views, atmospheric temples and gourmet ramen!

From the the north gate of Hadano station, we will quickly climb ver to the views of Koboyama park.
From here, a long steep climb will take us to the main path to Ooyama, and then to the summit.
On the way down, we will leave the main path at Miharashidai and descend to the Hinata shrine, with its flat, easy trails.
At the end of which, onsens and possibly ramen await, before getting a bus back to Hon Atsugi station.

The trail is for the most part very wide and safe but features steep climbs and stairs
Given the route length and elevation gain, this event is reserved to those who have already completed equivalent routes (Takao to Jinba, Fuji 4 lakes, Kintoki, etc). Get in touch if unsure.
Trailrunning shoes are recommended for comfort and safety

-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a 1L water bottle or buy it at Hadano station
-Trailrunning shoes are recommended for comfort and safety
-We will start and end in different stations, pack everything with you

Start Yugawara Station - Sunday MARCH 10 from 09:10
End Yugawara Station - ~14:10
Intermediate run Long distance - 18 km. +1300m ~6h
Contact m.me/yoshimasa.suzukicowboy

Meet us at Yugawara (湯河原) station at 9:10 am. This is a loop run, so you can leave your extra bags/dry clothes in the lockers at the station.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate (18km with 1,300m elevation gain).

Enjoy the wonderful views while running on the ridge of the mountains. When the weather cooperates, the view of islands like Hatsushima, Oshima, and Izu Peninsula will entertain you.

The trail will take us up the three peaks in Yugawara while passing by the historical pond and cave. On top of that, we will probably be enjoying thousands of Ume Trees on our course (the peak is over though).

After the run, you have the option of taking a taxi or shuttle bus to the Onsen.

Recommended Onsen: https://www.welcity-yugawara.co.jp/dayuse/