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This week with TTR: Sporty climbs!

This week with TTR: Sporty climbs!

Hi friends,

While we try to plan a little bit in advance, we still remain volunteers and often things happen on the spur of the moment.

So after two tourism-oriented runs in Kamangawa last week, this week will be sport-inspired, with two long and challenging runs in the north of Tokyo. Hope you will join us for the fun!

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Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Enzan station - Sunday MARCH 17 from 08:15
End Kai-Yamato station - ~16:30
Advanced run Long distance, steep climbs - 35 km. +2100m ~8h
Contact m.me/crabsiun

Meet us at Enzan station at 8:15 A.M. Unlike the classic TTR Upper Intermediate Daibosatsu route, we will not take a bus, but instead start running directly from the station, past Monjuin (文殊院) and Genjirodake (源次郎岳), before arriving to Kamihigawa pass (上日川峠) , where the trail starts climbing up to Daibosatsu.

From here, we can enjoy some of the superbly runnable peaks in the Daibosatsu area of Okutama National Park. After summiting the popular 2,000 meter peak, we leave the hikers behind on a long and really marvelous ridge run, with excellent views of Mt. Fuji in good weather. We will then descend along a beautiful gorge to end in the Yamato wellness center Tano-no-yu (大和福祉センター田野の湯), for a repairing onsen bath together with the septuagenarians of the area. Those wishing to skip the onsen can either get on a bus for 10 minutes or run additional 3.3 km until Kai-Yamato (甲斐大和 ) station.

This is an advanced event, we will cover more than 35 km with more than 2,100 m of elevation gain, with plenty of snow and ice during most of the route.

If wishing to join, but for a shorter route length, please contact the organizer (Carlos fb.me/crabsiun) - we could arrange to meet you directly at Kamihigawa pass, or you could cut the run short by dropping off at one of the multiple escape routes along the ridge.

Light crampons (chain spikes or アイゼン), warm and waterproof clothes, gloves, at least 1 liter of water and plenty of food are mandatory items.

Start Sagamiko station - Sunday MARCH 17 from 08:30
End Musashi-Itsukaichi station - ~14:00
Intermediate run steep climbs, fast pace (30km, +2000m)
Contact m.me/aran4649

Let's train and refresh on a beautiful forest route. The Hasetsune Cup is one of the top trail running events in Japan and the Hasetsune 30k is its smaller, introductory race.

Since multiple TTR members will be joining it at the end of March, we are organizing a few runs in the area in order to train and learn the course. While we will not always keep a race pace, you can expect these events to be more sport-oriented than usual.

-We will be on safe but steep ground in winter and trail running shoes are recommended
-This is an intermediate event. You will be expected to tackle this long, steep course at a brisk pace
-Bring a mask/buff -Bring food and water as needeed
-Separate start/end. Bring everything with you