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This week with TTR: hard races and fun runs

This week with TTR: hard races and fun runs

Hi friends,

It looks like this Sunday will quite a memorable day

On one hand, a nice little group of us is joining the Hasetsune 30k race, near Musashi Itsukaichi. We've trained hard for it in the past month, but it's still going to be tough! Don't forget to give us a shout if you're running too.

On the other, Robert will lead a charming little run through flowers, peaks and rivers of Hanno.

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Start Hanno Station - Sunday 31st from 09:40
End METSA Park
Beginners run 13 km
Contact Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Meet us at Hanno Station at 9:40. 13K-15K (or so) in the Hanno area. Take in the flowers on Tenranzan, Azuma Canyon, Mt, Tonousu, and METSA Park. We expect that the spring flowers will be out by this weekend, not fully, but enough to feel a bit of spring's colors!

Start is at Hanno Station and finish is at METSA Park, where there is food, craft beer, and a great onsen.

You can leave a change of clothes at the lockers in Hanno Station if you choose (don’t use lockers if you would like to directly go to Onsen after the run). Sakura are slightly behind schedule this year, but it should be a few buds coming through.