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This week with TTR: suddenly sakura

This week with TTR: suddenly sakura

Hi friends,

What a crazy spring we're having!

After a few weeks of chilly winter weather, temperatures jumped up to 26°C last Sunday, as we all had the chance to notice during our runs and races. 😆

The sakura should have finally started blooming, and we are ready to enjoy it with a smooth local run on the northern side of Takao.

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Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Takao station - Sun 7 from 08:00
End Takao station - ~12:30
Intermediate run steep climbs - 18 km +700m ~4h
Contact m.me/aran4649

Let's have a sporty local run through flowering sakura with tasty tempura at the top. The bravest can also end the run into the icy waters of the local meditation waterfall (no worries, warm showers aren't that far off)
The run goes north of Takao station to take the quiet trails along the river. At the feet of Mt. Kagenobu, we will take a steep uphill path to reach the summit, where tempura and oden await.
We will then run down to Kobotoke-shiroyama and down again to road level through a fun little trail that will take us to the local open air meditation waterfall.
After that, we will do our quick return back to Takao station.

-If you want to brave the takigyo, bring a large towel and a change of clothes. Takao Base offers warm showers and lockers https://takaobc.com/
-We will be on easy ground (roads and easy trails) but trail shoes are recommended due to weather conditions
-This is a lower intermediate event. No technical skill required but the climb to Kagenobu can be challenging for beginners
-You can stop running at any time and continue alone with the map.
-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a 0.5L water bottle, there are vending machines at the start and drings at the summit huts
-Lockers are available to share in Takao station (400/500 JPY)