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This week with TTR: Taking it easy!

This week with TTR: Taking it easy!

Hi friends,

It's funny how the mood in the group can swing.

After months of big, coordinated events, all guides felt the need for a break. Either to tackle a larger challenge on their own, or to spend quality time with family.

So this week we will only have a recovery run on Saturday, a quick trip half-way between a casual stroll and a beginners run, through some lovely corners of the Tama hills at their sakura peak.

Have a great weekend and hear you soon for more TTR adventures!

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Alain πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Start Odakyu Karakida station - Saturday 13th from 09:00
End Odakyu Kurokawa station - ~12:00
Recovery run All levels. There are no speed expectations beyond slow jogging on easy ground.
Contact fb.me/aran4649

Let's take it easy!

An easy morning run through the lovely countryside of Machida, with sakura, Fuji views, cows, coffee breaks, farm markets, historical paths and more.

Perfect for stretching your legs after a hard training or a long rest.

From Karakida station, we will descend through the lovely Oyamada parks

From here we will cross the farmlands from Narabai tanito to Kurokawa station, finding rice paddies, cows, a kiridoshi pass, a cafe and a farmer's market along the way.

-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a 0.5L water bottle or buy it at Tama Centerstation
-Bring some cash for the coffee break and bags/backpack for the farmer's market
-Grippy running shoes are enough, since we will be on easy ground (dirt roads and easy trails)
-This is an all-levels event. No technical skill required beyond being able to jog over 12 km with breaks
-You can stop running at any time and continue alone with the map
-We will start and stop in different stations, bring everything with you
-There are onsens near Nagayama and Keio Tama Center stations. Ask for details if needed.