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This week with TTR: Flowers of Spring!

This week with TTR: Flowers of Spring!

Start Urayamaguchi Station (Chichibu) - Saturday 20th from 13:30
End Seibu Chichibu Station ~16:30
Elementary run some tough climbs - 11 km. +600m
Contact m.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

About 11K with 600 meters of vertical.

Ridiculous amounts of flowers, stunning temples, and a chance to take some
super photos running through the dramatic shibazakura flowers in Chichibu.
Making this as a sunset run allows us to take some dramatic photos and avoid
all crowds!

Some of you ran this Chichibu course in the winter, and it will be
essentially the same course, though even more photogenic at sunset and with
flowers. For those who do not want to watch the sunset but go back to Tokyo
early, or visit the wonderful onsen at Chichibu Station, you are free to head
back at any time you like after we arrive at Hitsujiyama Park, about 1K from
Seibu Chichibu Station.

Weather permitting, this run is stunning!

(One request: please do not ask us too many scheduling requests. Research
yourself and make your own informed decisions)

[EASY] TTR Spring Flower Explosion Run

⬆ Click above to join

Start Musashi Yokote Station - Sunday 21st from 08:40
End Hanno station ~12:30
Easy run steep climbs - 15 km. 4h
Contact m.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Meet us at Musashi-Yokote station at 8:40 am. Beautiful flower course suitable for most runners! Lots of variation on the course, and you have choices of where to finish, either METSA Park (12K) or Hanno Station (15K). At METSA there is a beautiful onsens and craft beer. We expect this will be a last chance to see cherry blossoms around Kanto.

There are plenty of services along the course. Start and finish are separate, so please BRING EVERYTHING.

Maximum 16 runners for this course.