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This week with TTR: Race preparations (and wild plans)!

This week with TTR: Race preparations (and wild plans)!

Hi friends,

It is said that "the wise man never acts yet nothing is left undone".

I guess we still have a long Way to go, since around here we do a lot yet nothing ever seems to be ready 😄

Behind the scenes, thing are already going overdrive for our main event of the year, the Okumusashi Long Trail 105!

You will see more and more events coming around it but, in brief:

Have a great weekend and hear you soon for more TTR adventures!

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Alain 🏃‍♂️

[INTERMEDIATE] Wild Adventure Route: Izugatake Off the Map

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Start Nishi Agano Station - Sunday April 28th from 10:00
End Shomaru Station - ~14:30
Intermediate run steep climbs - 12 km. ~4.5h
Contact fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

This is an adventure climb of Izugatake. It is not long or dangerous, but it is wild and steep. It's not really a trail in any real sense (please stay near Robert during the ascent). You may see deer, inoshishi, or kamoshika, since this course has few humans for the first half.

From the peak of Izugatake this becomes a much more civilized route, and we can even get coffee or snacks at the 9K point. Start and finish are one station apart (start is Nishi Agano Station and finish is Shomaru Station).

For those who would like to extend this run, you can do so (ask me for details). There are several cute waterfalls near the beginning and end.

This is one of the most interesting short climbs on the TTR schedule, though not dangerous overall if you do not try to go solo.

  • Maximum 12 runners
  • Intermediate level and route is NOT suitable for beginners
  • We start and end in different stations, please bring everything with you
Start Hanno Chuo Park 飯能中央公園 - Sunday May 12th from 08:30
End Hanno Chuo Park 飯能中央公園 - ~16:30
Intermediate run steep climbs - 35 km. +1900m ~8h
RouteContact fb.me/aran4649

Let's train and refresh on a beautiful forest loop.

The Okumusashi Long Trail is our main event of the year and the 35k is its smaller, introductory race.

No one would believe trails this wild, relentless but beautiful are only 1 hour away from Central Tokyo!

We are organizing this preview run in order to train and learn the course.

While we will not always keep a race pace, you can expect this event to be more sport-oriented than usual.


  • Will cancel in case of rain
  • Meeting point is next to the Atom/Astroboy statue in Chuo Park. You can't miss it!
  • Bring enough food and most importantly water. This will be a long run.
  • There are lockers at both Hanno stations and a casual sento nearby