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This week with TTR: relaxing, enjoying, exploring!

This week with TTR: relaxing, enjoying, exploring!

Hi friends,

This will be another lovely weekend, with temperatures up to 19°C!
We will enjoy it with two easier runs on Saturday, with the usual Takao coffee on one side and the beautiful Chichibu Temple route on the other.

Alas, it is still too snowy to run Mitsumine on Sunday, but the most experience among you can join Robert in charting a new route through the Ogano Alps. Give him a shout!

And we have TONS of great plans coming up in February, so keep following our newsletter and our Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Takaosanguchi Station, SAT February 17 from 08:45
End Takaosanguchi Station, ~11:00
Beginners run easy pace (14 km, ~2.5h)
Contact m.me/aran4649

Let's enjoy nature with friends with this beautiful, quiet loop south of Takao.
The run goes through wide, safe trails with gradual inclines and is ideal for discovering trail running or for a light training. The only pace requirement is being able to jog (not walk) the distance with breaks.

From Takaosanguchi staton we'll briefly run south and through a forestry road. After reaching the Misawa observation deck, we'll go down to Shiroyama lake and up to the panoramas of Koku shrine. After a quick coffee break with open views, we'll rejoin the main path and run back to Takaosanguchi

-We will be on easy ground (dirt roads and easy trails) but trail shoes are recommended due to weather conditions
-This is an all-levels event. No technical skill required beyond being able to jog over 15km with breaks
-You can stop running at any time and continue alone with the map. The loop can be walked in about 3 hours
-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a 0.5L water bottle, there are vending machines at the start and water mid-way
-Lockers are available to share in Takaosanguchi station (400/500 JPY)

Start Urayamaguchi station - Saturday FEB 17th from 10:15
End Seibu Chichibu station - 14:30
Elementary run winter run - 13 km
Contact m.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

This beautiful pilgrimage trail will take in 4-6 temples on the famous Chichibu Temple route, going over mainly historical mountain trails. It is very photogenic throughout. Total distance is about 13K, with more than 600 meters of ascent. The finish is at Seibu Chichibu Station where there is an excellent onsen (hot springs) inside the station complex.

This course will take us to temples #28 (Cliff Temple), #27, #26 (Okunoin), and #12. Those who like can also drop by the simple #11 and #13.

Access is actually fairly convenient to and from Tokyo, though sometimes the La View Special Express tickets sell out. No crampons are necessary along the trails, as this course rarely has serious ice.

For those who would like to have a kakejiku banner or goshuincho book signed by the temples, please contact me for more info. It's all rather lovely and moving, like Kyoto without the crowds.

Recon: Ogano Alps

With regret, we had to call off the Mitsumine event, since the mountain is too snowy and icy for any running right now.

However, Sunday we will plan for a future medium-difficulty called the "Ogano Alps". On top of some exploration, this will involve some rope and chain work. The total distance might be around 14K.

If any seasoned trail runner is interested in joining us for the recon run on a new TTR course, Ogano Alps, please get in touch with Robert by pm.