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This week with TTR: Winter Wonderland!

This week with TTR: Winter Wonderland!

Hi friends,

Lovely snow, isn'it? Let's make the most of it with a beautiful loop in the Hanno area, complete with winter flowers and an ice exhibition!

And we have TONS of great plans coming up in February, so keep following our newsletter and our Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Ashigakubo Station, SAT February 11 from 09:05
End Ashigakubo Station, ~13:30
Intermediate run deep snow, crampons required (15 km)
Contact m.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Not suitable for elementary runners.
Crampons are mandatory as we are having a lot of snow this Monday-Tuesday.

Meet us at Ashigakubo station at 9:05 am. 15K run. Highlights are the winter robai flowers, superb views from the top of Maruyama, and Ice Display at Ashigakubo Station (you will need to pay a few hundred yen entrance fee). The course can be very cold in the winter, so bring winter clothes. Crampons are mandatory.

Some runners may choose to descend to Buko Onsen near Yokoze Station. This will bring the total run to over 20K. Ask us for more information on the day if you are interested Icicles: https://en.japantravel.com/saitama/ashigakubo-icicles/28826