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This week with TTR: sport and tourism

This week with TTR: sport and tourism

Hi friends,

This week we have our classic TTR Nikko trip, with its unbeatable sights and fun snow runs. And for those who prefer to stay in Tokyo, we will do our first recon of the Hasetsune 30K route in Musashi Itsukaichi.

And we have TONS of great plans coming up in February, so keep following our newsletter and our Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Tobu Nikko Station, SAT February 3 from 09:30
End Tobu Nikko Station, ~14:00
Elementary run crampons required (15 km, +1100 m)
Contact fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

The run starts from Tobu Nikko Station (not JR Nikko Station) and takes us about 13K up Mt. Nakimushi then to historical Toshogu Shrine. Generally there is snow on the course, so winter gear and running crampons are highly recommended.

That being said, snow conditions and cold are not nearly as severe as on the Sunday run in Okunikko. Snow conditions vary from "heavy" to "not much" year by year, so no guarantees. If you have snow or hiking poles, these can be useful.

*Maximum 15 runners
** This run can be combined with next day's run in Okunikko. If you do so, please purchase your train tickets and overnight hotel reservations in advance.
*** This is an elementary level run, but we strongly recommend bringing the right clothes and gear.
Runners can add as much running and sightseeing as they want around the downtown, so 15K is likely. Highlights of the course include the Ganman Pools, the Daiya River, and LOTS OF HISTORY in the town.
The maximum elevation is 1,100 meters.

There are sometimes some delays at Toshogu Shrine, and you may be required to pay 800 JPY or so for a ticket to enter. But the run and photos afterwards are highly recommended!

Start Ryuzu Falls Bus Stop, SUN February 4 from 10:40
End Ryuzu Falls Bus Stop, ~14:40
Pre-intermediate run crampons required (12 km)
Contact fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Meet at 竜頭の滝 bus stop (Ryuzu Falls Bus Stop). The buses from Tobu Nikko Station run frequently along this course, though one good option is to stay at Yumoto Onsen or other hotel near Lake Chusenji the night before if you want to make it a weekend.

For runners coming from Tokyo in the morning, there is a convenient bus that leaves from Tobu Nikko Station. You will then need to catch the bus towards Yumoto Onsen, getting off at Ryuzu Falls. DO NOT WORRY. Other TTR members and/or admins can help you. The transfer is actually very easy.

The final course distance on the day will depend on weather and snow conditions (deep or not deep). At the time of this writing, the snow makes for a lovely run and is not that deep! We hope to run 13K, though admins may change that for safety. We will avoid any risky bits, which we have already scouted.

Required gear includes:

Crampons (spikes better than chains)
Gaiters to prevent snow in your shoes
Warm socks (long, not short)
Very warm technical gloves
Neck warmer
Knit hat (face cover can be a good option too)
Shell jacket
Several layers for legs
A change of socks
Some light foods
At least 500 ml of water (the only hanbaiki at the beginning is NOT working right now)

Hiking / snow poles

* Can be combined with the Saturday run for a 2-day stay in the Nikko area.
** Distance is only 12K or so, but pre-Intermediate and up level, since conditions can be very cold and unstable. Running in snow is a lot more strenuous than a normal trail.
*** Maximum of 20 people and you must have crampons and full winter running gear since temperatures will likely be between -1 and -15.
**** We will run this course again in early March.

Start Musashi Itsukaichi station, SUN February 4 from 08:31
End Musashi Itsukaichi station
Intermediate run steep climbs, fast pace (28.9 km, +1900 m)
Contact fb.me/aran4649

Let's train and refresh on a beautiful forest loop.

The Hasetsune Cup is one of the top trail running events in Japan and the Hasetsune 30k is its smaller, introductory race.
Since multiple TTR members will be joining it at the end of March, we are organizing a few runs in the area in order to train and learn the course.
While we will not always keep a race pace, you can expect these events to be more sport-oriented than usual.

-We will be on safe but steep ground in winter and trail running shoes are recommended
-This is an intermediate event. You will be expected to tackle this long, steep course at a brisk pace
-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring food and water as needeed