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This week with TTR: nature and tradition

This week with TTR: nature and tradition

Hi friends,

What a nice, sunny winter we're having so far!

Let's make the most of it with three beautiful runs this week, full of Japanese nature and culture, from easy to advanced, from Tama to Saitama.

And we have TONS of great plans coming up in February, so keep following our newsletter and our Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Alain 🏃‍♂️

Start Takahatafudo station, SAT January 27 from 09.30
End Roten Garden onsen / Tamasakai station ~12:00
Beginners run easy pace (16km, +403m, ~2,5h)
Contact fb.me/aran4649

Let's train and relax an beautiful local trails, leading to a huge (and cheap!) onsen.
After starting at the spectacular Takahatafudo-son shrine, we will steadily climb along Tama zoo and up to the ridge, with a few open views on mt. Fuji (weather permitting!)

After crossing Naganuma park and the (supposedly!) cursed hill of Kinu no michi, we will descend down to the runnable trails of Machida and our final destination of Roten garden onsen. Those who want can enjoy a bath here and then take the free hourly shuttle to Hashimoto or Hachioji. The others can continue running straight to Tamasakai station (about 30 minutes away)

-We will be on easy ground (paved road and easy trails), grippy running shoes are sufficient
-This is an all-levels event. No technical skill required beyond being able to jog over 15km with breaks
-You can stop running at any time, take a bus or continue alone with the map.
-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a 0.5L water bottle, there are vending machines at the start and water mid-way
-We will start and end in different stations, please bring everything with you

Start Ogose station, SUN January 28 from 08.00
End Ogose station
Advanced run long route, steady pace (40 km, +2300m)
Contact fb.me/crabsiun

Join us at Ogose station at 8:00 as we set to conquer the ultimate bucket list peaks: the Ogose 10名山. We will do it as a loop course, with total length close to 40 km and elevation gain around 2,300 m+, and we will keep a steady pace. Note that during some sections we might need to do some route finding.
Selected by public votes in early 2022 (rumors of collusion, with votes submitted by ミスド sponsored bots, have not been confirmed), the list of the 10 famous mountains of Ogose - including a mountain pass, two viewpoints, and a tree - is quickly becoming a dream of mountain aficionados. The full list, in the order in which we will bag them, is below. Their place in the voting, or shall we say in the hearts of the Ogose mountain community, is indicated in brackets:

1) 虚空蔵尊さくら山 - Kokuzoson Sakurayama (10位)
2) 顔振峠 - Kaburitoge (3位)
3) 関八州見晴台 - Kanhasshumiharashidai (7位)
4) 飯盛山 - Iimoriyama (8位)
5) 龍ヶ谷のヤマザクラ山 - Tatsugaya no Yamazakurayama (6位)
6) 野末張見晴台 - Nosugarimiharashidai (5位)
7) 上谷の大クス山 - Kamiyatsu Camphor tree (2位)
8) 弘法山 - Koboyama (4位)
9) 大高取山 - Ootakatoriyama (1位)
10) 大観山 - Taikanzan (9位)

There are lockers at Ogose station, so feel free to use at will. Bring warm clothes, 1 l of water and enough food. Depending on pace and will of runners, we might stop for early lunch at the Kaburitoge chaya.
Contact the guide (Carlos fb.me/crabsiun) in case of any doubt related to this event. For more information about the Ogose 10 famous mountains:

Start Sagamiko station, SUN January 28 from 09.30
End Sagamiko station
Pre-intermediate run steep uphills (15 km, +900m)
Contact fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

Meet us at Sagamiko station at 9:30 am. You can enjoy a variety of things on this course: road run along the lake, shrine on the peak, view of lake Sagami, narrow but steep uphills and downhills, bamboo trail, wooden ladders, giant stones, etc.

This is a loop run so you can put your clothes in the locker at the station, though I recommend to pack everything since you can also finish your run at Onsen (3-4 km from Sagamiko station). Onsen: https://www.sagamiko-resort.jp/ururi/