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This week with TTR: Central and Nothern Alps!

This week with TTR: Central and Nothern Alps!

Start Komagane - Friday July 5 from 23:40
End Suganodai - Saturday July 6
Advanced run exposure, long distance, overnight - ~15h
Contact fb.me/crabsiun

Warning: this event is for advanced mountain runners only. We will be moving at a moderate pace for about 15 hours with minimal breaks, in technical and exposed terrain. Although we plan to move as a group, runners joining should be confident about being self sufficient in the mountains if needed. In case of doubt, please contact the run's guide, Carlos (fb.me/crabsiun).

Summer is here, and it's time to enjoy the ridges and the thrill of the higher mountains!

Meet us at Komagane station at 23:40 on Friday (taking the last train from Tokyo area, which arrives at 23:36). We'll start running directly from the station towards Kisokomagatake.

After 5 km (flat, on road), we will pass by Suganodai, the finishing point on Saturday. Those wishing to drop some weight might want to hide their clean onsen clothes behind some bushes in this area (at your own risk!! This is just information sharing, not a recommendation). We will keep running from here to Kisokoma - 5 km more on road, with 500 m of elevation gain, before we hit the actual trail and the going gets steep.

Depending on group's pace, we will arrive to Kisokomagatake summit on time for sunrise, or catch the sunrise on the way up - it should be majestic nonetheless, provided that we are above the tree line, and that weather cooperates. After going up and down the different Kisokoma peaks, we will continue on the beautiful (but technical, and at times very exposed) ridge towards Utsugi enjoying alpine vistas and some scrambling sections.

Plenty of ups and downs, but always staying above 2,500 m. As we get closer to Utsugidake, we will be able to witness incredible granite formations. The downhill from here back to Suganodai is long and fun, with more interesting rocks, and its share of chains and ladders. Kumakusanoyu onsen will be waiting for us at Suganodai (also known as Komagane Kogen).

Mandatory gear: first aid kit, waterproof and seam sealed jacket and trousers, emergency blanket, lamp, map for navigation (needed in case of having to take an escape route).
Recommended "gear": mountain insurance, gloves (for chain sections), sun screen

Start Takebashi station - Friday August 2 from 23:00
End Kamikochi station - Satuday August 3
Advanced run exposure, long distance, fastpacking

Day 1: 7/12 hours moving time (16/23 km, 2300/3500 m+)
Day 2: 10 hours moving time (26km, 1800m+)

Contact fb.me/crabsiun - fb.me/Robert.Self.UltraJapan

IMPORTANT: Please read the full event description!
VERY IMPORTANT: Both the bus and the selected campsite require early reservation. We will manage the bookings, and we plan to place them by July 8th. Please confirm attendance by that date.

Moving time is estimated based on technicality of terrain and effect of altitude. Please get in touch for any doubt.

Max 10 people.

Join us in this two-day fastpacking adventure going through two of the most scenic ridges on the Northern Alps: Omote Ginza and Panorama Ginza. If weather is on our side, we should see absolutely stunning views of the Hotaka range and Kamikochi valley.

We will take an overnight bus at 23:00 of Friday bus from Takebashi, to arrive to the Nakabuonsen trailhead by 5:30-6:00 of Saturday (8/3). On the first day we will climb Tsubakurodake and Ootenjodake, and sleep at the campsite of Hutte Nishidake. Depending on the time at which we arrive to the campsite, for those feeling energetic we have an optional piston towards Yarigatake after pitching our tents. On Sunday we will wake up early so that sunrise catches us on the move, while we we retrace our way back to Ootenjodake. We will then head towards Jonendake and Chogatake along the absolutely stunning Panorama Ginza course. We will finish at Kamikochi.

Previous experience fastpacking or camping on high mountains is not required for joining. However, do note that the event is aimed for those advanced runners who can move relatively fast for long hours on technical terrain. If you want to join but are not sure if you would fit the group, don't hesitate to contact us. This run will be led by Carlos (fb.me/crabsiun) and Robert.

Mandatory gear list is below. If you don't own some of this, please post mentioning what you miss and we might be able to help you (either lending items or providing recommendations for buying or renting).

  • Tent or shelter
  • Sleeping bag or quilt
  • Sleeping pad
  • Warm clothes!!
  • Emergency sheet and/or bivvy to use as bag liner.
  • Headlamp
  • 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water
  • Enough food, including dinner.
  • Mountain insurance.
    Note: even if early August is insufferably hot and humid down in Tokyo, temperature can get down to around 0°C in the high ridges. Make sure that the combination of your clothes, sleeping bag and/or bivvy, and shelter, allows you to spend a night at this temperature without freezing. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

Additionally, if you are new to fastpacking, please check Derin's excellent post on this topic (the guy knows a thing or two about being efficient in high mountains). If the weight of your fully packed backpack, including all water and food, is more than ~9 kg, it is too heavy! https://m.facebook.com/groups/190135664871775/permalink/963844130834254/