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This week with TTR: Preparations!

This week with TTR: Preparations!

Hi friends,

With the Okumusashi long trail race due to start in two weeks, it's time to get ready. Join us tomorrow as we set up tapes and signs for the race, while exploring some of the most scenic parts of the course (with different levels and lengths!)

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For runners of Intermediate level and above.
We will split into 3 groups, please find details below.

Join us to kick-off the marking of the course for the Okumusashi Long Trail race! This activity will take place 2 weeks before the race, and we will focus on marking the remoter and less busy sections of the trail. You should expect a long day out. Due to having long stretches without water sources or escape routes, this event is only for runners of levels intermediate and above.

We will distribute people into 3 different groups:
Group A: Haraichiba to Nolla. Section distance: 15 km / 1,200 m D+. Course marking distance: 10 km. Group guide: Guillermo.
Group B: Shoumaru pass to Green line. Section distance: 26 km / 1,500 m D+. Course marking distance: 13 km. Group guide: Carlos.
Group C: Nolla to Genki Plaza. Section distance: 22 km / 2,100 m D+. Course marking distance: 18 km. Group guide: Andrew.

Meeting time:

  • Group A and B: meet at Hanno station, Saturday 25th, at 7:32 am. We will meet Cha-san there and receive the marking tape and signs. After this, we will head to respective trailheads. If you prefer to head directly to the trailhead, that is fine, please contact the group guide in that case. Group A plans to arrive at 8:20 to Haraichiba. Group B plans to arrive at 8:24 at Shoumaru station.
  • Group C: met at Hanno station, Sunday 26th, at 7:50. After receiving marking material, head to Nolla Naguri.

Please bring your own scissors. Some light carabiners or string to attach tape to your running vest would also come handy.

Note: we will only be marking trail sections, not road sections. Moreover, some trail sections, which are very popular with hikers, will be left unmarked, to be completed closer to the race. These sections are: Kuroyama to Nolla, and Izugatake to Shoumaru pass.

After this weekend, we will have marked the most remote and toughest 34 km of the course!