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This week with TTR: Rainy season!

This week with TTR: Rainy season!

Hi friends,

Sorry for the wait! Planning runs this season is tricky.

A little rain is actually fun and refreshing but you can have too much of a good thing! Sunday looks too rainy for comfort, but tomorrow should be great for our first Takao morning in a long time, featuring kakigori and takigyo. See you there!

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Start Takao station - June 21st from 09:00
End Takao station - ~14:00
Beginners run 17 km. +600m ~3.5h
Contact fb.me/aran4649

A relaxing morning run with quiet trails, a tasty hut break and a quick takigiyo/waterfall meditation session.

The run is a smooth, shaded 17 km with 600 meters of climbing and 60% paved.

From Takao station's north exit we'll take a flat, riverside trail before taking a trail to the North and steadily climb to Mt. Kabenobu.

After a taking in the views and enjoying hut food (kakigori, soba, tempura) we'll descend down back to the riverside, where a small takigyo "waterfall" is located.

We will then return back to Takao station.

Beginners: the trail is wide, safe and soft, suitable for those who have run more than 10 km at reasonable pace on the trail before.

Trailrunning shoes are recommended, but grippy running shoes can be sufficient.

-Bring a mask/buff
-Bring a large towel if you plan to use the waterfall
-Bring a 0.5L water bottle.